How can I make myself more motivated?


For some, motivation seems to come easy, a bottomless well of enthusiasm that can be drawn on to make things happen. For others, the drive to get up and go seems lacking. There are a number of factors that determine how motivated you are, or can be. From your sensitivity to rewards to the way in which dopamine affects you.

But, if you find yourself lacking the necessary determination to exercise, lose weight, learn a musical instrument or just cook dinner, is there a way to ‘hack’ your brain and make yourself more motivated?

Think realistically, not just positively

Having positive thoughts and mental images about a desirable future makes us feel better in the moment. But in the long-term, positive thinking saps motivation, according to Gabriele Oettingen , a psychologist at New York University. Oettingen has found that people who engage in positive fantasies work less hard and…

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