How ‘identities aligned’ for Brian Sorensen and Everton Women with Merseyside derby against Liverpool Women on the horizon | Football News


Whatever team may be playing, Evertonians are known for their passionate backing – and it is vital for any new manager or player to understand what motivates that support.

It would seem unlikely that a Dane who has never managed outside of his country would understand a club like Everton so instantaneously – but Brian Sorensen appears to have done just that.

With a number of new players following him through the door this summer – more on that to come – he even asked a local poet to speak to his team about what it means to be a Toffee.

In an exclusive interview ahead of Sunday’s Merseyside derby, live on Sky Sports, Sorensen said: “I’m from the countryside where we worked hard, and I worked really hard to be where I am now.

“Like that, Everton is a people’s club and I’m a people’s person so all of these identities were aligned.

“The potential here is…

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