How large is a cubic metre of water?

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How large is a cubic metre of water? The answer, which comes as part of our persistent series on Unusual Alternative Measurement Units, is that it is location dependent.

An ABC News item about the East Australian current courtesy of Kevin Ritchie notes that it “can carry 40 million cubic metres of water each second – the equivalent of 300 billion pints of beer”.

Meanwhile, the world’s biggest artificial water-filled hole, currently being built in Cornwall, UK, to simulate extreme environments, is said, in a press release forwarded to us by Laurel Stanford, to hold “over 42,000 cubic metres of water – the equivalent of 17 Olympic size swimming pools or 168 million cups of tea”.

Our main concern is with the maths. To present an Australian with a pint of beer that contains just 0.13 litres isn’t a way to make…

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