How much proof do we need that NY’s justice system is a sham?


New York can breathe a sigh of relief as Officer Dennis Vargas, our eighth police officer shot on duty in just five months, recovers at home with the family he nearly left behind.

Vargas and his partner’s actions exemplify the type of dangerous work we ask our officers to perform every day to curb the scourge of gun violence that plagues our city. Sadly, the suspect’s criminal history and his avoidance of any real consequences for his actions exemplify the sham known as our criminal-justice system.

The two officers spotted the suspect, Rameek Smith, allegedly carrying a gun along 3rd Avenue in The Bronx, in one of the precincts Mayor Eric Adams correctly identified as responsible for 80% of the city’s violent crimes. The officers gave chase, and the suspect turned and fired, hitting Vargas in the arm. Police returned fire, killing Smith.

The searing…

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