How US Newspaper Cover Trump Impeachment


U.S. House of Representatives took the historic step of impeaching the president of the United States. The House voted on two separate charges against President Trump. The first charge was abuse of power relating to Trump allegedly asking Ukraine to investigate the son of his potential presidential rival, Joe Biden. That vote passed the House at 230 votes for and 197 votes against. The second charge was obstruction of Congress because of the president’s alleged refusal to cooperate with the impeachment investigation. That vote passed the House at 229 votes for and 198 votes against.

‘Trump did wrong, but Democrats have rushed it’


“A lot of people in my generation see the system as fundamentally flawed. Both sides have ignored the process when it’s convenient for them,” says 32-year-old Tony Zore, news director of the Mount Washington Radio Group in North Conway and author of The American Republic which explores national identity. He describes himself as an independent libertarian and has previously voted for Democrats and Republicans. He feels pessimistic about the current state of politics and expects to vote for a third-party candidate in 2020.

‘Impeachment shows strength of constitution’

“I think the process has actually been extraordinarily fair,” says Mike Davenport, 75, a consultant. He’s a Democrat who supports Pete Buttigieg for the Democratic nomination. He and his wife Karen, 59, remember the impeachment of Presidents Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton – but neither think there are many similarities. “The situation in the Clinton impeachment was quite simple – he lied about what he did, so the impeachment was about the lie and not what he did,” says Mr Davenport.

What’s special about New Hampshire?

  • Standing at 6,288ft (1,916m) Mt Washington considers itself the home of the world’s worse weather where some of the highest wind speeds on land have ever been recorded
  • The swing state is one of the first to vote in US national elections and is thought to influence the momentum of any campaigning candidate
  • The so-called “Granite State” leans Democratic. The state’s official motto is “Live Free or Die”
  • Hillary Clinton narrowly defeated Trump to win the state in 2016

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