Hype Mode to Offer New Features During FIFA World Cup 2022 Live Streaming


The Hype Mode will help the viewers in experiencing the FIFA World Cup 2022 matches from multiple angles.


  • The Hype Mode will only be available during a live match and users will not be able to use it after the full-time whistle is blown.
  • Users will have to switch to full screen in order to turn on the Hype Mode. And after that, the Hype Mode toggle will be visible on the top-left side of the screen. For the unversed, the Hype Mode also has a six-slide tutorial.
  • The Hype Mode basically comprises four buttons and the first of these will offer several statistics of a match.
  • The second button provides multiple camera angles to enjoy the game.
  • The third button will show the best possible angle of crucial highlights of a particular match.
  • The fourth and final button helps the user in configuring different settings.
  • The Hype Mode is…

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