‘I am finally going home’: Pune granny to revisit Pak after 75 yrs | India News

In May 1947 amid fear of communal riots, 15-year-old Reena Varma left her beautiful home in ‘Prem Gali’— a lane named after her father in Rawalpindi. She and her siblings were packed off to Solan for what was supposed to be a longer-than-usual summer vacation in the hills. Her mother who joined them later was certain that they would return home once things normalised. Partition changed all that and the family could never go back home.
It is yet again the month of May, and 75 years on, Reena’s dream to see the home her father built with a lot of love and all his savings in pre-partition India is finally about to become a reality. How 90-year-old Reena fondly referred to as Toshi (the nickname used by neighbours and friends in Raw alpindi) managed to find her house across the border is a gripping story. Two years ago while the pandemic was on, she posted about her childhood…

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