IIT-BHU alumnus gifts $1mn to set up entrepreneurship center

Varanasi: An alumnus of IIT-BHU Jay Chaudhry, CEO and founder of a cloud-based information security firm, has donated $1 million to the IIT-BHU Foundation. The donation will fund IIT-BHU’s Entrepreneurship Center with a focus on student, faculty and entrepreneurship development. Chaudhry graduated from IIT-BHU with a BTech in Electronics Engineering in 1980.

According to the IIT-BHU spokesperson, with the donation a Software Innovation Center will be established which shall provide a platform where students will be able to learn and innovate in the areas of software development, quantum computing, cyber security, IoT and data analytics.

In collaboration with IIT-BHU, Deep Jariwala will help to identify a faculty member to fill the role of ‘Jay Chaudhry Professor of Software Innovation’, who will oversee and manage the Software Innovation Center. In addition to a professorship…

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