In Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, 18-19% of all deaths are in 0-4 age group | India News

NEW DELHI: Almost one in five deaths in Madhya Pradesh and over a sixth in Uttar Pradesh are of children aged 0-4. In contrast, this age group accounts for just one in sixty deaths in Kerala. The national average is about one in nine.
The huge difference is accounted for by two factors. One, states like Madhya Pradesh (9. 1%) or UP (8. 2%) have a larger proportion of their population in the 0-4 age bracket than Kerala (6. 5% or Tamil Nadu (6%). Also, MP or UP have much higher death rates for the 0-4 age group than Kerala or Tamil Nadu — 13. 7 and 14. 3 versus 1. 8 and 3. 8.


The combined effect of a younger population and higher death rates in the really young means they account for a larger proportion of deaths. As a result, the SRS (Sample Registration System) Statistical Report of 2019 released recently showed that a larger proportion of children below four years were dying than…

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