India safeguarding its interests without fear: PM Narendra Modi | India News

NEW DELHI: Amid signs of misgivings in certain western quarters over India’s stance on the Ukraine war and a day after India backed a call for an independent probe into the alleged killings of civilians by Russian troops in the city of Bucha, PM Narendra Modi emphasised that the government’s stand reflected national consensus over the conflict.
In a series of tweets he posted after a debate in Lok Sabha where members cutting across party lines had supported the government’s stand, the PM suggested that the convergence of viewpoints will help the country. “Such bipartisanship augurs well for India at the world stage,” he said.

PM tweet

The debate in LS and the tweets followed Modi’s speech on BJP’s Foundation Day where he noted that India has steered clear of the two camps thrown up by the conflict and that its stand was being appreciated. “Today, the world has witnessed the…

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