India urges UN to recognize ‘religiophobia’ rather than just Islamophobia | India News

WASHINGTON: Asserting that religious phobias are not restricted any single religion, India on Tuesday urged the United Nations to acknowledge the prevalence of “religiophobia,” rather than single out a single faith, while expressing concern over adoption of a UN resolution to combat Islamophobia introduced by Pakistan and several Islamic nations.
In remarks at the UN before the resolution was adopted by consensus, India’s Permanent Representative TS Tirumurti argued that instances of discrimination, intolerance and violence was directed against members of many religious communities in various parts of the world, and not just against those who followed Abrahamic faiths.
He cited the examples of the destruction of Bamyan Buddha, attacks on temples and gurdwaras, massacre of Sikh pilgrims in gurudwara, and glorification of breaking of idols in temples etc. which he said had contributed…

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