India will be world’s 2nd largest economy, net exporter of green energy by 2050: Adani

NEW DELHI: India will become the world’s second largest economy and a net exporter of green energy by 2050 to lead the global energy transition, Adani group chairman Gautam Adani said on Saturday.
“India will start adding a trillion dollars to its GDP every 12 to 18 months – thereby putting us well on track to be a 30 trillion-dollar economy by 2050 and with a stock market capitalisation that will possibly exceed 45 trillion dollars,” Adani said at the 21st World Congress of Accountants in Mumbai.
He saw India’s population growing by 15% to 1.6 billion but per capita income accelerating by 700% to about $16,000 over the next 28 years from about $2,200 at present. The expansion of this “consuming middle class” will drive a surge in public as well as private expenditure and attract “highest levels” of FDI.
“In fact, India’s FDI inflows have increased over 20-fold…

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