Indian civil aviation ‘chronically ill’, need ‘immediate relief on ATF pricing & taxes’: IndiGo CEO

NEW DELHI: Alarm bells are ringing in the airline industry with the pandemic crippling traveller numbers and no real relief in sight from the government on price of jet fuel — which in India is among the costliest globally for domestic flights — and indirect taxes.
The CEO of India’s biggest airline, IndiGo’s Ronojoy Dutta on Wednesday minced no words in calling India’s airline industry “chronically ill” and has sought immediate life-saving relief.
He has termed it an “unreasonable proposition to expect that the industry should earn a 21% margin just to pay taxes to the government.”
According to rating agency Crisil, Indian carriers this fiscal could end up with a record high collective loss of Rs 20,000 crore.
“Civil aviation provides efficient infrastructure, critical for economic growth and employment in our country. Yet civil aviation pays 21% of its revenues…

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