Indians objecting to sensitive ads: ASCI

NEW DELHI: Are Indian men becoming more sensitive? Is religious intolerance on the rise? These are some questions a recent report on consumer complaints received against advertisements over the last three years raised on Wednesday.
In addition, Indians objected to ads that are inappropriate for children, show socially undesirable depictions for commercial gains and depict “unpleasant realities” such as visuals of raw meat in ads by fish and meat e-commerce platforms, Fresh to Home and Licious.


“The advertisement shows chicken products in a very crude and disgusting way. It seems to lure its viewers in a direct graphic manner, which is very disturbing for vegetarian families like us who have to watch these unwanted visuals on family TV channels,” a complainant wrote about a Licious ad to the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI), which has released these findings in…

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