Indonesia: At least 174 people killed after riot at football match | Football News


At least 174 people have been killed after a riot at a football match in Indonesia.

The violence broke out at a stadium in East Java during a game between Arema and Persebaya Surabaya.

Chaos broke out after Persebaya Surabaya won 3-2 – and according to local reports, thousands of Arema fans went on to the pitch after their team lost.

It is also claimed that several Arema players who were still on the field at the time were attacked.

A stampede began when the police fired tear gas into the crowd.

Images showed people who appeared to be unconscious being carried away by other fans.

In what appears to be one of the world’s worst stadium disasters, more than 300 people were rushed to nearby hospitals, but many died on the way or in treatment.

East Java police chief Nico Afinta said in a news conference early on Sunday: “We have already done a preventive action…

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