Intellectuals, political, social activists pens book praying for peace in India-Pakistan | India News

BATHINDA: Aiming to see improvement in relations between India and Pakistan and suggest measures where mutual understanding could be achieved, 50 intellectuals, activists and political figures from India and Pakistan have come together to write a book ‘Pursuit of Peace – Indo-Pak Relations’.
The book was released in a virtual event on Saturday.
The book is a collection of articles by intellectuals, political and social activists from India and Pakistan discussing strategies for improving Indo-Pak relations. It has been conceived and edited by OP Shah, chairman, Centre for Peace and Progress. The aim of this book is to deepen mutual understanding of the different points of view in India and Pakistan and to speed up the process of dialogue, which is an important tool for bridging the trust deficit between the neighbouring countries.


As we approach the 75th anniversary of independence…

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