Iran is being blamed for cyber attacks on UK infrastructure


Tehran is now being blamed for the shocking wave of attacks that “targeted key parts of  the national infrastructure” just before Christmas.

Private sector companies, including banks, were among those compromised in what has been described as an “ongoing” hacking campaign.The Post Office and some local government networks were among those hit in the timed attacks on December 23. The National Cyber Security Centre said it was “aware of a cyber incident affecting some UK organisations in late 2018”. It added it was “working with victims and advising on mitigation measures”. Personal details belonging to thousands of Post Office employees were stolen, including the email address and mobile phone number of chief executive Paula Vennells. US cyber security experts say a group connected to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard was responsible for the Christmas attacks and the high-profile attack on the Parliamentary network in 2017. Sky News has seen the 10,204 data records that were stolen from the parliament global address lists during that attack including addresses, company positions and phone numbers. Lewis Henderson, vice-president of threat intelligence at cyber security company Glasswall, said the data could be used to start a deeper attack. “As we’ve seen, you can do anything… influence elections, in particular. You can start to impersonate people within that government as well and be utterly convincing,” he said.”The levels of trust that the global address list puts in place is completely eroded once you’ve lost that information, once it’s out there in the hands of the attackers,We know that they could be impersonating members of our own government and starting to alter and disrupt communications.”