ISIS not wiped from map in Syria: France on Trump’s claim


“We have defeated Isis in Syria,” Donald Trump tweeted on Wednesday, “my only reason for being there during the Trump presidency.”


France’s defence minister said on Thursday that Islamic State militants had been weakened but not been wiped from the map in Syria and that the fight to defeat them definitively in their remaining pockets needed to carry on.

The terror group has lost more than 95% of the territory it claimed in 2014 and the juggernaut that threatened to shred the region’s borders has been battered back to where it all began for the group’s earliest incarnation – a sliver of land along the Euphrates River, bordering Iraq and Syria.

“Islamic State has been weakened more than ever,” Florence Parly said on Twitter, responding to US President Donald Trump’s announcement on Wednesday that the group had been defeated.

“But Islamic State has not been wiped from the map nor has its roots. It is necessary that the last pockets of this terrorist organisation be definitively defeated militarily.”