ISRO’s ‘Project Netra’ for securing Indian satellites from space debris and other dangers


The Centre has proposed Rs 33.3 crore for ISRO’s ‘Project Netra’ for securing Indian satellites from space debris and other dangers, according to documents related to supplementary demand for grants. In Sep, India launched the early warning system Netra (Network for Space Objects, Tracking, and Analysis) to secure its satellites and other assets in space at an estimated to cost Rs 400 crore. Scientists say 50 years of human space exploration has led to the creation of junk around Earth’s orbit, posing serious traffic risks to man-made satellites.

govt propose 33.3 cr to protest satellite from space debris

India has 15 communication satellites active in the geostationary orbit, 13 remote-sensing satellites active in low-earth orbit (2,000 km radius) and eight navigation satellites in medium-earth orbit. Apart from these, there are a number of smaller satellites present in the space. According to a report, about 17,000 man-made objects are monitored in space of which 7 per cent are active objects. After a time, these objects become inactive and collide with each other while revolving in space.

Every year, there are many incidents of objects colliding in space. As a result, small pieces of debris rotate at extremely fast speeds. Dead satellites and other debris present in space exist in the Earth’s orbit for many years and these debris can damage any active satellite.