It is time for ‘Maha Akhand Bharat’, says Times Group vice-chairman Samir Jain | India News

NEW DELHI: Samir Jain, the vice-chairman of the Times Group, on Thursday gave a clarion call for the establishment of a “Maha Akhand Bharat” riding on India’s growing popularity across the globe.
Addressing the Times Now Summit, Samir Jain said the concept of “Akhand Bharat” which is now a history should emerge in a new form.
“This is not the time of Mahabharat. Akhand Bharat is history. This is the time of Maha Akhand Bharat,” he said in the presence of Union home minister Amit Shah.
The Times Group vice-chairman urged the Union home minister and Prime Minister Narendra Modi to build “Maha Akhand Bharat” under their leadership.
Elaborating upon his concept of ‘Maha Akhand Bharat’, Samir Jain emphasized that it’s not about political boundaries, but it’s about India’s cultural and spiritual influence.
Stating that the word “Maha” is unique, he cited the example of England which had…

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