Kappan shall stay in Delhi for six weeks: Apex court | India News

NEW DELHI: Responding to the Supreme Court’s query on what material was found from Kerala journalist Siddique Kappan at the time of arrest in October 2020 and whether those materials were provocativ e to foment violence, the Uttar Pradesh government said only ‘toolkit’ pamphlets were found from the car he was travelling in towards Hathras to cover the the gangrape and murder of a Dalit g irl. Senior advocate Mahesh Jethmalani, appearing for the state, contended that the ‘toolkit’ contained procedures on how to handle, protest and incite violence. Reading out the documents, he sa id it contained instructions including on how to protect oneself during riots, how to escape tear gas shelling by police. But the court, after going through it, said it was something which was ta ken from a foreign country and not r elated to India and it talked about Black people.
The court said…

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