Kathy Hochul owes Lee Zeldin, and every other New Yorker, real answers


Gov. Kathy Hochul can dodge all she wants. But New Yorkers are starting to fear she stands for absolutely nothing.

The governor refused Tuesday to give a straight answer on debating her opponent Lee Zeldin, saying only that she’s “willing to debate” the GOPer — without a hint as to where, when or how often. This follows her literally running away from Monday’s West Indian Day Parade while ignoring a question from The Post. 

This, with less than nine weeks until Election Day. 

Yet this is Hochul’s standard operating procedure. She won’t come clean about where she really stands on any crucial issue. 

Take bail reform. To learn her actual views, the gov explained last month, New Yorkers will have to re-elect her. Huh? Crime is a dominant issue across the state. And Hochul owes her constituents far more than a smug “wait and see” — about…

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