Largest Annual Muslim Convention In Western Canada


The importance of interfaith collaboration was the focus as thousands of people went to the largest annual Muslim convention in Western Canada. All were welcome to the workshops and prayers at the Jalsa Salana convention at the Sarcee Seven Chiefs Sportsplex on Tsuut’ina Nation this weekend.


The convention breaks down walls about the religion, one muslim explained. “We are very clear about that terrorism and violence has absolutely no place in Islam. Islam is a very peaceful religion,” he said. Conferences like this can show the community what Islam is really about, he added. “We’re showing what Islam can actually be, what Islam actually is, rather than what’s happening in the media, how terrible that’s being shown.

annual Muslim convention

“Islam is a religion of peace. ISIS, other terrorist organizations, have nothing to do with Islam. Literally, the word ‘Islam’ means peace. That’s all we’re trying to do. We’re reminded of our duties to our fellow Canadians on how we can contribute to this mosaic of Canadian society. I feel like there’s a lot of meaningful benefit we can derive from this,” he said.

The message is that Muslims are peace-loving people who are trying to build bridges in the spirit of “love for all, hatred for none.”

“We believe that if we hold events like this, it’s only through that that we can actually build bridges,” he said. “We believe that education is the best way to eliminate misconceptions.”