Letters to the Editor — June 29, 2022


The Issue: Mayor Adams’ remark that he was “shocked” at how badly city resources are managed.

It’s great that Mayor Adams recognizes that the city is dysfunctional (“Now it’s time to fix it, Mr. Mayor,” Editorial, June 28).

After eight years of former Mayor Bill de Blasio and the Democratic Party’s support of the defund-the-police movement and other assorted progressive policies that have failed miserably, and now that we have a Manhattan district attorney whose approach to law-enforcement is hare-brained, the mayor should expect nothing less.

The Democrats are solely to blame for the rise in crime and the decline of the quality of life in New York City and other cities throughout the country.

While Adams may be well-intentioned, until his fellow party members are willing to admit that their approach is not working and that they need to try…

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