Letters to the Editor — May 30, 2021


Classroom truth
Excellent editorial, “Mulgrew’s New Lies,” which was spot on (May 20).

As a substitute teacher at a New Jersey high school, I recently supervised classes approximately two-thirds full while the remaining third was taught virtually via Zoom.

This procedure gives the options for parents to decide, rather than having the government take total control. United Federation of Teachers head Mike Mulgrew’s allegation regarding air-circulation quality is untrue, as windows were open in addition to functioning standard ventilation ducts.

The school was adamant about wearing masks, making sure noses were covered, which I, also, noticed in hallways and everywhere else.

When I asked students about returning to class, I did not hear one regret. Open the schools and at least give parents the option.

Matthew Pease
Demarest, NJ

Subway slash fix
The rash of stabbings,…

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