Letters to the Editor — Nov. 25, 2022


The Issue: Mayor Adams’ appointment of his former landlord, Lisa White, to deputy NYPD commissioner.

Does Mayor Adams think his constituents in New York City are all fools (“Friends with benefit$,” Nov. 23)?

I really think he believes that as long as you are a relative, a friend or a friend of a friend that qualifies you for a $200,00-plus position in his administration.

Just how many deputies does the mayor need? Apparently, no one oversees these appointments.

I guess with his very active nightlife, the mayor needs all these deputies to run the city. It’s not surprising that so many people have been abandoning the Big Apple.

Dick Mills


I voted for Mayor Adams because of his law-enforcement background and his no-nonsense campaign promises on fighting crime.

Clearly, I made a mistake. It’s evident that street crime is out of…

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