Talk about giving new meaning to the word “sex pest”!


A Japanese man has confessed to “dating” a cockroach for almost a year and says he even obsessed about having sex with it.

Yuma Shinohara (25) called the bug his “first love” and says he was able to communicate with his beloved Lisa, as he lovingly named her.

Acccording to him, the bug was hotter than any other human girl in the world, and it doesn’t end at that, he even named the insect Lisa. In fact, he even called the bug the love of his life, in an interview to a Japanese media.

Yuma is an entomophagist, who advocates and practises eating insects as an alternative to meat, for environmental reasons. The Mirror also reports that Yuma is well known for organising bug-eating contests in Japan.

Yuma explained to Asian YouTube channel Asian Boss he’d bought Lisa from Africa.

Yuta was so serious in his so-called relationship that he claims to have fantasised about having sex with her by imagining that the bug was the same size as him.

Well, we have no words for this!

However, as fate would have it, their ‘fairytale romance’ saw a tragic end, when Lisa died and…wait for it…he ate her. Yes, he did.

Yuta, decided to eat her in order to make Lisa a part of his body forever, so that she lives on in his heart.

Yuta is known to encourage insect based diets as an alternative to eating meat for environmental reasons. He also organises several insect eating food trials in Japan. But this is taking his love to another level!

Well, we don’t know about you but we are for sure creeped out.