Maharashtra crisis political masterstroke, MLAs free to switch allegiance: TOI poll | India News

NEW DELHI: MLAs being taken to resorts, sulking politicians and photo-ops exhibiting a show of strength — the political crisis in Maharashtra, triggered by a rebellion within Shiv Sena, has become a national spectacle in the last few days.
As minute-by-minute details of the crisis play out in the media, TOI asked its readers about their take on the crisis and how it’s not just about the fall of a government but also about upholding the mandate of the people.

Interestingly, respondents were split about how they felt about videos of MLAs being corralled to different states to escape party bosses.
Over 27% of the respondents said they felt sad at the state of democracy when they watch videos of the political crisis on TV or social media, while roughly an equal number of readers expressed happiness that there’s enough freedom of choice in the country.

Around 24% said they felt anger…

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