Maharashtra political crisis: Rebel MLAs try to acclimatise, take to yoga in Guwahati | India News

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The rebel group celebrated independent MLA from Bhandara Narendra Bhondekar’s birthday on Sunday.

AURANGABAD: During the long, late-night flight from Vadodara, one rebel MLA thought he would catch up on his sleep on reaching Guwahati. But that was not to be, not immediately at least. Upon landing, he discovered the sun was already rising – it was just 4.30am. He’s used to seeing the first light of dawn around 6.15 am back in his hometown, and in Mumbai. Six days on, he has settled into a new routine. “But it still feels odd. Here, the sun sets around 6.15 pm. There, it’s 7.30 pm when it’s dusk,” he told TOI from Guwahati.
Like him, others have adjusted to new waking and sleeping hours, no cellphones, life inside a hotel, and very little interaction with families and people from their respective constituencies. The mood is upbeat as the rebel group celebrated independent MLA from

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