Mahatma Gandhi’s heart still beats at Delhi’s National Gandhi Museum


A series of programmes will be showcased at the National Gandhi Museum in New Delhi, and visitors will get a chance to listen to the recreated heart beats of Mahatma Gandhi at the event organised to commemorate the commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation.


“We have gathered the ECG (electrocardiography) details from different stages of Gandhi ji’s life and recreated his heartbeat on the digital medium. This will be a very interesting feature for the public,” Annamalai told PTI.

Another special collection being released is the ‘Digital Multimedia Kit’ about Gandhi which will be available for people to buy.

“The kit in a pen drive contains six components: basic books (20 by Gandhi and 10 on him), a documentary film by A K Chettiar, 100 specially-curated pictures, Gandhi’s voice, a virtual tour of his ashrams and his favourite bhajans,” Annamalai said.

Chettiar’s documentary ‘Mahatma Gandhi: 20th Century Prophet’, whose footage was acquired in London, covers Gokhale’s visit to South Africa in 1912.

“It’s perhaps the only footage of Gokhale and with him stood a young lawyer Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi dressed tidily in a suit,” Annamalai said.

The director said that the National Gandhi Museum will begin ‘Gandhi: 150’ celebrations from Monday and a series of other programmes will be held around the year in various cities across the country.

Today, October 1, a photo exhibition will be held on the theme of ‘Non-violence and World Peace’.

“His speech recorded in London in 1931 ‘Spiritual Message of Mahatma Gandhi’ (English), the one delivered at the Asian Relations Conference held at Delhi, 1947 (English), besides the Post Prayer Speech on Cleanliness and Hindu Muslim Unity in 1947 (Hindi), among others, are part of the collection,” said A Annamalai.

He added the digital kit has been priced at Rs 300 and only includes the production cost. It will be available for the purchase at the museum.