Man finds ₹25L treasure while digging home’s foundation


A man found a treasure while he was digging the foundation for his home in Uttar Pradesh’s Hardoi. He found jewellery worth Rs 25 lakh, however, the police said that he cannot keep it.


The jewellery – 650 grams of gold and 4.3 kilograms of silver ornaments – has been seized by the police as it appeared to be more than 100 years old. Hardoi Superintendent of Police Alok Priyadarshi said that the ornaments could be of archaeological significance.

“It was seized as the person in whose possession it was found had no relevant papers,” news agency PTI quoted Priyadarshi as saying.

After the news about the discovery spread in the village, police learned about the jewellery.

The man, who found the treasure, initially denied the incident but later confessed to having unearthed it.

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Any jewellery or costly item found hidden in the soil is legally termed as “treasure” and is governed by the Indian Treasure Trove Act, 1878. Section 4 of the Act requires the finder of a “treasure” to apprise the district revenue officer either on his own or on receiving a notice. The finder is also supposed to deposit the find either with the district revenue officials or undertake to produce it before the authorities when required.
However, according to section 4 of the Act, the finder may have a chance of owning the treasure if the authorities decide after an enquiry that it belongs to no one else.

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