Man pastes RC, license and insurance on helmet to avoid challan


The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2019, passed by Parliament in July, seeks to tighten road traffic regulations including the issuance of driving license. The amended Act also lays down stricter penalties for traffic violations with an aim to improve road safety.

Just a few days after its implementation, scores of riders and car owners around the country have been penalised heavily for violating traffic rules. One man was also issued a challan of over Rs 85,000. On Sunday, a truck in Odisha, bearing a Nagaland registration number, was fined Rs 86,500 by transport officials under the amended Motor Vehicles Act. When the driver managed to produce some required documents, the fine was reduced to Rs 70,000.

The fear of getting fined is so high, that a car owner from Aligarh has started wearing a helmet while driving his car. The man, identified as Piyush Varshney, claimed on Saturday that he started wearing the helmet while driving after getting fined for not wearing one.

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But now, a man from Vadodara has come up with an ingenious plan to stop getting fined under the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019.

Ram Shah, an insurance agent who travels everyday on his two-wheeler, has fixed his driving license, insurance slip, PUC certificate and his bike’s registration on his helmet, reported India Today.

His idea is to keeping all driving documents handy whenever a traffic police officer stops him. “This way I am never hassled on the road and I don’t have to pay any fine ever,” said Shah.

Ironically, a picture of a Gujarat policeman riding a bike without a helmet went viral on social media this week. The officer was later fined Rs 1,100 for violating traffic rules.