Man who found lost wallet contacts owner by sending money to his account


Chances of getting a lost wallet returned are negligible. You not only lose your cash, but there’s also an additional burden of replacing cards, driving licence and other important documents, if at all present in your wallet.

However, a man was surprised when a good samaritan reached out to him through his bank account. A stranger who found Tim Cameron’s wallet on a road, deposit money into the account of the lost card to reach out to Cameron.

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Cameron took to Twitter to share the incident. “I just lost my wallet on the way home from work. I didn’t have much identifying info in there so a good Samaritan got in touch with me via my… bank account,” he wrote.

“4x transfers of £0.01 each with a reference up to 18 chars,” he added while sharing screenshots of the bank transactions.

The four transactions allowed the stranger to give a reference of 18 characters. The first two references read, “Hi I found your. wallet in the road.” In the third reference, he gave his contact number and in the last, asked him to text or call so that he could return the wallet.