Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg likening farebeating to toll evasion is ludicrous


Besides assuring New York’s criminal class it’s safe from prosecution for robbery, assault, trespass and resisting arrest, new Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg promised subway farebeaters that his office won’t press charges against them.

As he explains in his now-infamous “Day One” memo, “Data, and my personal experiences, show that reserving incarceration for matters involving significant harm will make us safer.” We’d like to see those data. As for his “personal experiences” — how about he saves those for his memoir?

Bragg’s farebeating policy isn’t a major change; his predecessor, Cy Vance, stopped prosecuting “theft of services” from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in 2018. But stamping the DA’s seal of approval on fare evasion certainly isn’t going to improve the atmosphere on subways that are…

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