Manhattan DA Bragg tells office they will not be intimidated after Trump calls for protests


Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg sent an email to his staff Saturday saying he would not “tolerate attempts to intimidate our office” after Donald Trump put out a rallying cry to his supporters ahead of his possible arrest.

The progressive DA’s memo comes hours after former President Donald Trump blasted Bragg’s office as “CORRUPT AND POLITICAL” and urged his followers to protests his arrest, which Trump predicted would be on Tuesday.

“Our law enforcement partners will ensure that any specific or credible threats against the office will be fully investigated and that the proper safeguards are in place so all 1,600 of us have a secure work environment,” Bragg told his office, according to a leaked email, obtained by journalist Breanna Morello.

“In the meantime, as with all of our investigations, we will continue to apply the law evenly…

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