Marvel Fan’s took a realistic suit of Iron Man armor at a convention.


One fan of Marvel games took things to another level with a realistic suit of iron man armor at a convention. The post on Reddit shows off the frankly staggering detail that went into this cosplay. Panels on the back have LEDs and motors to open and close the flaps. The gloves on the armor have backlit circles for the repulsor rays. In the best element on the whole costume, the helmet opens and closes seamlessly, and the eyes light up once the transformation is complete. People in the threat are understandably impressed by the entire armor. It is truly an accomplishment to be proud of due to the painstaking detail apparent in the construction of the suit.

“The suit’s trying to protect from the energy and it’s sort of trying to repulse the energy back, but the energy’s too strong, and so the suit’s getting damaged,” remembers Aitken. “We worked up quite a complex simulation where we see the energy surging through the suit, and then the suit’s repulsing it back, and these big kind of gouges being gouged out of the suit. We showed a version of that to the studio, and they said it was doing all the right things, but it was just there was too much going on.”