Meat, liquor sale likely to be banned in Ayodhya district

Imposing a ban within the legal framework means that first, the state religious affairs ministry would have to declare entire Ayodhya district a holy site for being Lord Ram's birthplace.


Yogi Adityanath government is most likely to prohibit the sale of meat and liquor within the geographical boundaries of the new district of Ayodhya that was known as Faizabad till recently.


Similar bans may be imposed in the area around Lord Krishna’s birthplace in Mathura and other holy places in the state. State government spokesman and energy minister Shrikant Sharma gave ample indications about this here on Sunday.

Notably, the seers of the temple town had raised the demand for ban following the renaming of Faizabad district as Ayodhya on Saturday. Till now, the ban had been existing only in Ayodhya town of Faizabad district but now the seers, including the chief priest of Ramjanmabhumi makeshift temple Satendra Das, want this ban to be extended to the entire Ayodhya district to maintain the sanctity of the birthplace of Lord Ram.

“At present, the ban is limited to just Ayodhya town but since the Faizabad district has been renamed after Ayodhya, the ban should be extended to the entire length and breadth of the new district,” the seers have argued.

However, the ban on liquor, many people believe, may render hundreds of people jobless. According sources many people engaged in the liquor and meat business in Ayodhya district have already started opposing, tacitly or otherwise, the seers’ demand for the ban.