Mehul Choksi extradition: No objection to Mehul Choksi’s deportation to India, Dominica govt says in court | India Business News

NEW DELHI: The Dominican government on Wednesday said that it has no objection in deporting Mehul Choksi to India.
The Dominican high court has adjourned the hearing in the case till tomorrow.
Choksi will be produced before the magistrate at 4 pm (Dominica time) because as per their law if Dominica police arrest someone, he has to be presented before court in 72 hours and this wasn’t done before.
A battery of lawyers from both the sides were present in the hearing of the case.
Mehul Choksi did not turned up at court for the hearing. He attended via a video call from a hospital bed in Dominica China Friendship Hospital.
Meanwhile, Choksi’s lawyers are preparing to file an appeal in the higher court should there be a verdict against their client.
Choksi was detained in Dominica for illegal entry after his mysterious disappearance from neighbouring Caribbean country Antigua and Barbuda…

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