Minecraft’s The Wild Update Introduces Frogs & Mangrove Trees


An upcoming Minecraft update, called The Wild Update, has been announced and will launch in 2022. The hugely successful survival sandbox game places players in massive randomly-generated worlds and tasks them with gathering resources to survive. Continued updates have helped enhance Minecraft‘s world generation over time, with the upcoming Cave & Cliffs Update Part 2 changing biomes so that they generate more realistically.

The latest update for MinecraftCaves & Cliffs Update Part 1, introduced major changes to the game’s deepest caves and tallest cliffs. Back in June the first part of this two-part update brought interesting new mobs, unique new resources, and useful new items into the game. Underwater areas received bizarre axolotl creatures, and goats can now be found roaming the game’s mountains. Copper and amethyst can also be found in caves, giving players new…

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