Modi govt scraps missile, chopper tenders to push ‘Make in India’ | India News

NEW DELHI: In line with the Narendra Modi government’s push for promoting ‘Make in India’, the defence ministry on Friday decided to withdraw tenders for deals related to buying short-range surface-to-air missiles and 14 helicopters.
The meeting, however, allowed the forces to go ahead with a deal to buy air-to-ground missiles from France and overhaul of Russian helicopters, government sources told ANI.
The defence ninistry has started reviewing the import deals under the Buy Global category which are fully acquired from foreign vendors.
A number of deals have been put in the closure and deferment list by the defence ministry and with the ministry discussing whether they can be closed in favour of Indian vendors or developers.
The foreclosure and deferment lists include deals like the Very Short Range Air Defence Systems, towed artillery guns, vertically launched surface-to-air…

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