Modi: ‘Modi the immortal’: Chinese netizens think Indian PM is different, amazing, says report | India News


NEW DELHI: The Chinese netizens have given an “unusual” nickname to Prime Minister Narendra Modi – “Modi Laoxian” – even as India and China have been engaged in a bitter border row for the last three years. “Modi Laoxian” means Modi is immortal. In Chinese, Laoxian refers to “an elderly immortal with some weird abilities”.
According to a recent report on a US-based international online news magazine, Chinese netizens think PM Modi is different – “even more amazing” – than other world leaders. The Laoxian-like difference is not just in his dressing style and physical appearance, but in some of his policies as compared to his predecessors as well, the Chinese netizens think.
As per the article published in The Diplomat, it is not just his appearance or policies, but the curiosity, astonishment, and “perhaps a dash of cynicism” that he evokes among the Chinese people, which is…

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