Molotov cocktail lawyers eyed police headquarters: prosecutors


The New York lawyers accused of torching a police van with a Molotov cocktail last year during George Floyd protests in Brooklyn pleaded guilty to one count Wednesday — as prosecutors revealed they may have been plotting to burn down One Police Plaza that night. 

“Go burn down 1PP,” Colinford Mattis wrote to his accomplice, Urooj Rahman, before their arrest on May 30, 2020, prosecutor Ian Richardson said at the plea hearing Wednesday in Brooklyn federal court. 

“Bring it to their neck,” Mattis added in the text message and shared a Google Maps location of One Police Plaza with Rahman, Richardson said. 

In a series of other messages, Rahman allegedly boasted to Mattis about the destruction she was causing that night as protests raged in Brooklyn and across the city. 

2 people a man a woman were detained outside of 200 Eastern Parkway for allegedly throwing a Molotov cocktail, which did not detonate, at a vehicle with NYPD inside.
Colinford Mattis was detained outside 200 Eastern Parkway for…

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