More dirt it throws on me, the more lotus will bloom, PM Modi replies to Congress ‘abuses’ | India News

VADODARA: On a day Gujarat voted in its first phase of assembly elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called the insults meted out to him by the Congress as the insult of the people of the state. He even drew the analogy of lotus blooming in muck saying “the more dirt it (Congress) throws on me, the more lotus (BJP’s party symbol) will bloom”.
Speaking at a public meeting in Panchmahal district’s Kalol, PM Modi said that it was the people of Gujarat who had shaped him and given him ‘sanskar’. “I am Gujarat’s son, you are my teacher. I am trying to work, but the Congress does not like my upbringing and my ‘sanskar’. It abuses me now and then,” said PM Modi.
He went on to ask, “Isn’t the insult of Modi whom you shaped, your insult too? Isn’t the insult of the one you brought up your insult too? Have you given me sanskar like the ones Congress is talking about?”…

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