MTA chief wants violent criminals banned from NYC trains and buses


Violent criminals ought to be banned from MTA trains and buses, MTA CEO Janno Lieber urged Monday.

At a Manhattan Institute breakfast, the agency chief made note of a current “subway banning law that applies to narrow circumstances.”

“We’ve got to expand it to more circumstances,” Lieber said.

New York law restricts transit bans to sex criminals and people who attack MTA workers. Just one person has been banned so far — a convicted transit perv who a judge last month barred from the Long Island Railroad for two years for sexually assaulting an MTA conductor.

Lieber said MTA leaders would like to see judicial power expanded to allow bans on the rails and buses for anyone convicted of a violent crime.

“I don’t see any reason why any violent crime in the system — if, you know, some of them go to jail, they should at least be not able to…

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