musk: Musk draws government ire for ‘challenges in India’ talk

NEW DELHI: A fresh complaint from Tesla founder Elon Musk about investment “challenges” in India has received a sharp retort from the government, which hit back saying the company was free to use the production-linked incentive (PLI) window to produce electric vehicles.
Following periodic tweets from Musk seeking a cut in import duty, government sources said that the American businessman was trying to put pressure to slash tariffs without any commit- ment to produce in India. “At present, Musk can bring in Tesla cars in CKD (completely-knocked down) form with zero duty and assem- ble and sell them here,” a government source said, amid clear indications that a policy favouring one producer was not acceptable.
On Thursday, Musk again spoke about “challenges” in setting up business in India, the comment coming at a time when rivals such as Mercedes-Benz are starting local…

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