Nagaland’s 60th statehood day: Quick facts about the state | India News

Nagaland is celebrating its 60th statehood day today. It became the 16th State of the Union of India on 1st December 1963. This day is also called Nagaland foundation day.
Nagaland was formally recognised as a separate state on 1st December, 1963, with Kohima being declared as its capital. The State of Nagaland Act, 1962, was enacted by the Parliament to give Nagaland statehood.
Today, the state has 12 districts with 16 tribes and four ‘other indigenous inhabitant recognised tribes’ living together in harmony in the picturesque Northeast India.

Geography and History
The state of Nagaland, located in the serene hills and mountains of northeast India, is one of the smallest Indian states. It is…

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