Need more women doubles events in badminton, says Ashwini Ponnappa

Ponnappa said that women's doubles is not getting its due in India


Commonwealth Games medalist Ashwini Ponnappa on Wednesday lamented that women’s doubles is not getting its due in India and stressed on the need to have more events in the category to encourage players.


“Where is the importance given towards women’s doubles, there is no importance. What’s the motivation given to them? I think Premier Badminton League (PBL) is a great format, but it is sad that they don’t have women’s doubles,” Ashwini told reporters.

“We need a lot of women’s doubles events. I feel a lot of badminton events are trying to neglect women’s doubles and that needs to change. Because either if it’s on a recreational level or in the professional level, in India we need to include women’s doubles in order to motivate them.

“Singles have always been number one, but there are girls who are eager to play doubles as well. We just need to push them and encourage,” said Ashwini, who along with her partner Sikki Reddy attended the finals of the Red Bull Shuttle Up – a women’s doubles tournament — in suburban Kurla.

“We are getting better, though we do train for mix-doubles, but our idea towards our game, in particular, is getting better because we know what we need to do and which is helping. Our understanding and co-ordination on court is getting better. I am sure a lot of good things are going to come in the future,” added Ponnappa.

Ponnappa praised her partner Sikki terming her gusty and go-getter.

“Sikki is extremely gutsy and she is go-getter, which is something I admire about her. We are working very hard and we want to win. It’s nice to have a partner, who also believes in herself and believe in us doing well,” Ponnappa signed off.