NYC detectives union calls for Hochul to replace Manhattan DA Alvin Braggs


The head of the New York City Police Department detectives’ union urged Gov. Kathy Hochul to appoint a special prosecutor if Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg refuses to enforce the law in criminal cases.

Detectives’ Endowment Association president Paul DiGiacomo, in a letter to the governor dated Wednesday, asked her to “intervene and appoint a special prosecutor to oversee those matters in which the Manhattan District Attorney fails to abide by his sworn oath of office and declines to prosecute or downgrades violent felony offenses in order to advance his personal, unsafe, reckless, and personal agenda.”

DiGiacomo referenced Bragg’s Jan. 3 memo to his prosecutors urging them to decline to prosecute some non-violent cases and to downgrade various felony crimes to misdemeanors, including certain armed robberies.

The policy is already…

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