NYC’s 3 biggest problems are ‘crime, crime, crime’


Well, someone is looking forward to a new mayor.

New York City’s biggest problems are “crime, crime, crime” — and the Big Apple won’t recover from the COVID-19 pandemic until the streets and subways are safe again, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday.

“Of all the things we have to do when we’re talking in New York City, specifically, crime, crime, crime are the top three,” Cuomo said.

“And then we will get everything else.”

During a nearly 10-minute rant on the city’s increasing dangerousness under Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner Dermot Shea, Cuomo warned that planned infrastructure improvements and government handouts alone can’t reboot the economy.

“We’re building new projects, we’re stimulating small business,” he said during a news conference in his Manhattan office.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo
Gov. Andrew Cuomo said New York City…

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