NYPD highlights the violence surge in NYC


The NYPD pointed out in a press release Friday just how crime-riddled the city is, saying the grim statistics show how the Big Apple’s bad guys no longer fear getting caught.

Citywide shootings surged 13.4% in July compared to the same month last year, and murders increased an even more alarming 34.3%, according to the department.

The overall rate of major crimes also rose 30.5%, driven in part by a 40.6% surge in grand larcenies.

“Usually they are spinning the numbers to make the bad look good,” an astounded Queens cop said.

A Manhattan cop asked sarcastically, “Why doesn’t the Police Department just raise the white flag?”

The latest alarming figures emerged amid Mayor Adams’ ongoing battle to convince Albany lawmakers to roll back the state’s controversial 2010 bail reform law.

As part of that effort, the NYPD this week released a…

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